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About Us

A Little About Us

Since 1999 Jewelry Box Shop has become the premier online presence for the highest quality and carefully selected jewelry boxes from the finest manufacturers around the globe. Jewelry Box Shop is committed to uphold our reputation by offering a superlative product and superior online customer service of these finely crafted jewelry boxes, watch cases, music boxes, cigar humidors, pen case boxes and jewelry armoires & other fine wood products with the personal assurance these jewelry boxes will be enjoyed for generations to come. Please click here to read about Reasons to Shop with Jewelryboxshop.com

The Staff at Jewelryboxshop.com
Our staff members are committed to making your shopping experience excellent from the time you browse our selection to the time you receive your jewelry box at your doorstep. Our dedicated buyers carefully select the most stylish jewelry boxes in various finishes to compliment your home no matter the style. The web designers at Jewelryboxshop.com make sure you can easily search our products and have all the important information in one place to make the best jewelry box purchase possible. The customer service and sales team work hard each day, individually processing each order to ensure quality control. Our priority at Jewelryboxshop.com is to provide you with the finest quality product, pleasurable shopping experience and customer service to make your jewelry box purchase simple and enjoyable from start to finish.

The Jewelry Boxes in our selection.
Originally, jewelry boxes were exclusively made from solid hardwoods. As time and innovation have accelerated manufacturing across the world, these advances have allowed for the use of wood composites, wood veneers and paper veneers, allowing for well constructed and durable wood items at more economical prices. Jewelryboxshop.com is proud to offer a selection of product lines from various manufacturers offering fine jewelry boxes using each of these named materials. The jewelry boxes constructed from solid hardwoods use only the finest quality woods of Poplar, Ash, Mahogany, Teak, Ebony and Elm Briarwood. All woods are kiln-dried for greater stability, there by eliminating warps and splits in the wood. These chests are constructed as 6 sided boxes with the lids and drawers cut from the same piece of wood. These same pieces are kept together throughout the jewelry box manufacturing process, thereby yielding matched grains and even finishes. Miter and tenon joints are used on corners for strength and durability. Solid wood tops, recessed bottoms on the chest and drawers, and mitered corners eliminate end-grain, yielding a furniture quality appearance. Drawers are slightly tapered from front to back to enable a more custom fit without binding. Each chest is carefully stained in Cherry, Mahogany, or Walnut and hand-rubbed to a rich, lasting finish, revealing the natural luster of the distinctive hardwoods. From beginning to end, all jewelry boxes and chests are handcrafted to last decades. Jewelry boxes constructed of wood composites are very similar in appearance to hardwood chests. The exterior of wood composite boxes are typically wood veneers to create the effect of solid wood. Wood composite boxes finished with paper veneers are often used for jewelry boxes with artistic exteriors or pictures, such as children's jewelry boxes and themed musical jewelry boxes. Please click here to read more about wood composite boxes. Linings are custom-fit and carefully tailored in each chest designed to securely hold your jewelry and help it remain attractive for years.